Let's Play "This or That" & Discover Your Home Buying Preferences!

Let's Play

Looking for a fun way to figure out which home-buying preferences are most important to you? Take our "This or That" quiz and find out!

Big or Small

Do you dream of a big house with plenty of room to grow, or do you prefer a cozy cottage that's easy to maintain?

City or Suburbs

Do you prefer the hustle and bustle of city living or the peace and quiet of the suburbs?

New or Old

Are you looking for a brand new home that's move-in ready, or do you love the character and charm of an older home?

DIY or Hire

Are you a DIY kind of homeowner, or do you prefer to hire professionals to handle maintenance and repairs?

Pay Extra or Invest

If you had extra money each month, would you put it towards paying off your mortgage faster or invest it for the future?


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