Homeownership improves well-being! Find out more little known benefits of owning a home.

Discover the health benefits of homeownership

Did you know that several physical, mental, and social health benefits come along with homeownership?


Homeownership offers stability, a sense of responsibility, and lifestyle control that contribute to physical, mental, and social well-being. 


While owning a home isn't 100% worry-free, studies show that having more control over and responsibility for how you live positively affects your health. 


Essentially, homeownership contributes to a healthier, happier life!



Stability is one of the most significant benefits of homeownership, starting with the application process. Applying for a mortgage helps you understand your finances. For homeowners, this knowledge provides a feeling of stability and empowerment.


Also, many homeowners feel a sense of community. A Harvard University study found "strong and consistent evidence [that] indicates that homeowners are more likely to: a) be satisfied with their homes and neighborhoods; b) participate in voluntary and political activities; and c) stay in their homes longer, contributing to neighborhood stability." 


The longer one lives in a neighborhood, the more social connections are created. These meaningful relationships give a sense of stability that manifests in a positive mindset and security.


Contributes to Overall Social Well-Being

Homeownership naturally comes with more responsibility, which brings a sense of control over your living situation. This also applies to taking care of things when they break down.


And while these issues can cause stress, research shows that owning a home and taking care of them on your own positively impacts one's perception of control and life satisfaction --even in low-income households! 


Physical and Mental Health Support

As a homeowner, you can use your home to support your specific mental and physical health needs in any way you choose. If you have a disability, you can create spaces that provide suitable accommodations. Dedicating an area as a home office, home gym, or for hobbies may not be possible when renting or living with family. 


Benefits to Children

Studies have shown that children of homeowners experience more positive life outcomes than children of renters. USC Professor Richard Green states, "Ownership [of a home] is the method by which parents can assure their children stability."


Studies from Habitat for Humanity found that homeownership boosts children's educational performance, lowers crime rates, and lessens welfare dependency, creating an ideal environment for families to thrive.


Improved Health Outcomes

Homeownership contributes to improved health outcomes for both children and adults. Habitat for Humanity found that 74% of families expressed improved overall health after moving into their homes, in addition to a decrease in their healthcare costs. 

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